Airush Wave 2015

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The Airush Wave Kite has created a legion of dedicated surf followers through its groundbreaking design, blending a unique combination of forward speed and incredible drifting capabilities. The Wave responds perfectly to rider input and allows you to get into the perfect position on the wave, no matter what the wind conditions.

Refinements in the chord length, wingtips and canopy layout make for a smooth power delivery and fluid steering consistent across the range, while the V3 bridle system maintains even tension throughout the kite enabling perfect steering even when depower and sheeted out.

With the most advanced construction on the market and perfect balance, the Airush Wave takes surf kiting into a new realm.

// Unique planform allows the kite to fly forward in the window when required while sitting back and drifting in the turns.
// Tight turning with minimal power
// Increased LE Diameter in Smaller sizes for greater stability and support
// Aramid Load Frame Technology
// Double Rip Stop Technoforce D2 by Teijin Canopy
// New Oversized SPS valve (Single Point Inflation System)
// All New One Pump System

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Kite incl. Bag & Pump


5.0m², 6.0m², 7.0m², 9.0m², 12.0m²